Easily transfer credits to CUAA

Concordia University Ann Arbor makes the process easy by transferring in the credits you’ve earned from military education, 两年的大学, 四年制大学, 研究生, 或者专业研究. Let us help you finish the degree you started as quickly, smoothly, 和 cost-effectively as possible. We offer a wide variety of learning formats, 奖学金, 和 options to accept the credits you’ve worked hard to complete. Ready to find out what makes CUAA different? We’re here to guide you on your new path!

Choose a learning format that works for you:



Traditional daytime under研究生 student, with in-person classroom instruction at our Ann Arbor campus.




在线 lets you attend whenever 和 wherever.




Real-time, direct learning with a live instructor 和 classmates, one night a week, over Zoom.



Flexible start dates in Fall, Spring 和 Summer

转移 up to 84 credits (our 学士学位 是120学分).

研究生 和 Professional students can transfer up to 50% of the overall credit requirements for a degree program with director approval.

对于军队学校; earn up to 63 credits for Military Training.

Partner schools provide you with 清晰度的协议 和 ease of transferring credits.


Michigan 转移 Network

Concordia University Ann Arbor is excited to participate in the Mi转移通路 to provide transfer students with a smooth transfer process. The Mi转移通路 is a statewide pathway agreement that identifies courses / associates degrees that can be transferred to the university of your choice toward a bachelor’s degree.


金融援助 is available - complete the Free Application for Federal Student 援助 (FAFSA).

不常见的奖学金 - check if you are eligible for a $150-$500 scholarship.

奖学金 - awarding your prior academic achievements. (applicable only for 传统的, full time under研究生 programs)

助学金及奖学金 - see other ways to help pay for your college experience.

To help assist with your tuition payments, Concordia University offers convenient payment plans.

Frequently asked questions

Select from the below list to find answers to the most common transfer questions asked.

General transfer questions:

Do you take my employer's tuition reimbursement?
How long does an unofficial transcript evaluation take to be reviewed?
How many of my previously completed college credits will transfer into Concordia?
How quickly can I complete my degree?
I have a hold on my previous college account. 我该怎么办??
Should I fill out the FAFSA as a transfer student?
What are the first steps I should take to transfer to Concordia?

研究生 admissions questions:

Can my under研究生 or Bachelor's classes transfer into my 研究生 or Master's degree?
Does CUAA 研究生 和 Doctorate programs have rolling admissions? What are your application deadlines?
How do I start the process of finding out what credits transfer?
How many credits can I transfer into the program?

On-campus transfer questions:

Do you offer online, evening, or weekend courses?
How much will it cost to complete my degree?

虚拟 / online transfer questions:

Does CUAA accelerated programs have rolling admissions? What are your application deadlines?
What is the minimum/maximum amount of credits CUAA will accept?
What is your per-credit tuition rate for adult accelerated courses?
Will you accept courses in which I received a low grade?


Please call Office of 招生 at 734-995-7300.

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